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by Rebecca Mullin
Rebecca Mullin is the mother of four children. The only job that came close to preparing her for motherhood was one summer break from college—dressed as a purple dinosaur and wearing roller skates, Rebecca hosted children’s birthday parties at a rink. Many of the art activities at her house get just as nutty!


Last-Minute Easter Eggs

April 18, 2014

With four kids and a busy schedule this time of year, I need an easy, fast, and mess-free way to make Easter eggs! The traditional egg dye is fun to use but can be such a disaster when spilled. So, with nothing more than washable markers and a little painter’s tape, we made eggs that look just as nice as the traditional dyed ones!

What You Need:
Hard-boiled eggs
Washable markers
Painter’s tape

What to Do:
Cut painter’s tape into strips or shapes and stick to your hard-boiled egg. Gently press on the edges of the tape so that it will hold while you color the egg. Using washable markers, color the entire egg; use as many colors as you wish. Wait a few minutes for the marker to dry, then remove the tape to reveal your pattered Easter egg.



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October 24, 2013

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August 26, 2013

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August 19, 2013

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July 15, 2013

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