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Humpty Dumpty Guide

May/June 2013 Parents & Teachers Guide

Based on Common Core standards

If you are looking for opportunities to supplement your classroom curriculum or help your children learn, let Humpty Dumpty magazine be your guide!


Curriculum Booster: Imaginative Play

Fiction: “Little Gorilla Makes His Bed” (pages 14-17) is a sweet story about a young gorilla that is making his bed for the first time. Your kids will cheer for Little Gorilla when he finally figures out how and even makes a new bug friend in the process. For fun, look up photos of gorilla beds, called nests, online. Also, read the informational text about gorillas included on pages 34-35.

Build a Book: “Show-and-Tell Surprise” (pages 18-20) is a fun story about a show-and-tell that goes a little crazy when praying mantis babies hatch and spread throughout the classroom! This fun story is also a book that can be cut out and put together for fine motor skill development and repeat enjoyment.

Comic: “Bugged Out” (pages 9-12) teaches kids about the important role insects play in the creation of our food. Discuss with your kids other insects that are important to our world and why. What would happen if those insects disappeared or died out? Follow up the discussion by reading the informational text on pages 26-27 that explains how a moth provides clothing for people. For an alternative discussion, ask your kids to talk about the constellation Scorpius. Do they know what a constellation is? Can they name some others? Have them create their favorite constellations using pretzel sticks and mini marshmallows, as shown on page 32.



Rebus: “Zoo Food Mix-Up” (pages 22-23) is a simple story, perfect for beginning readers, about two siblings who get to help feed animals at the zoo! This rebus is designed to encourage reluctant readers to engage with the story by substituting recognizable images in place of some words. This rebus also includes a fun matching game at the end for an interactive experience.

Informational Text: “Amazing Animals: Gorillas” (pages 34-35) offers bite-size facts about gorillas. For more fun gorilla facts and photos, check out our slideshow!


Health & Fitness:

Recipe: “Fruity Tooty Pops” (pages 28-29) is a fun and healthy recipe made with fruit and juice. The cold treat is perfect for a warm spring day! Following instructions in recipes and crafts also encourage early math and science skills. Your kids can check out our kid chefs making the pops in this video!

Regular Feature: “The Buzz for Parents and Teachers” (pages 32-33) is filled with ideas and advice for parents and teachers, including tips for geocaching and a high fiber watermelon seed recipe.


Creative & Critical Thinking:

Look Closer!: “At the Zoo” (page 2) welcomes your kids to the zoo for an activity that will challenge their observation skills! Have them circle the seven differences that they spy between the two pictures.

Word Search: “Going Wild” (pages 4-5) helps early readers discern beginning sounds. Once the missing letters are filled in, have your kids complete the word search.

Art Lesson: “Let’s Learn to Draw Bugs” (page 13) is a new feature in Humpty Dumpty that provides kids with step-by-step art instructions and a space for them to create their own version.

Fill in the Blanks: “Animal Words” (page 21) is a fun way to introduce descriptive words to your kids. Have them fill in the blanks with the words provided. Let them be creative! There are no wrong answers.

Ready, Set, Create! Craft: “Grow a Pet” (pages 24-25) teaches kids important pre-science skills while also introducing them the joy of growing a plant! Help your kids create this fun project, and don’t forget to email a photo of them holding their new pals to

Hidden Picture: “Cloud Art” (pages 30-31) is a fun poem about what we see in the clouds if we use our imagination. After reading the poem, encourage your kids to find the images mentioned. What else do they see?

Poem: “My Friend from Camp” (page 36) is a silly poem about an unusual friend! Read it to or with your kids and have them search for the hidden items.


Help Your Kids Contribute to Humpty Dumpty!

The staff at Humpty Dumpty wants to include as many kid-created items as possible in each issue of the magazine. Encourage your kids or students to contribute to:

Humpty Dumpty Annual Cover Contest: (page 6-9) Humpty Dumpty loves to support art in schools, so every year the magazine sponsors a cover art contest. Each first-, second-, and third-place winner of our contest will win cool prizes and up to $1,500 for his or her school’s art program. Check out the website for more information about our upcoming contest and how to enter.

Creative Kids: We love to publish photos of our readers with their finished crafts and recipes! Email a photo of your child holding his or her “Grow a Pet” (pages 24-25) or “Fruity Tooty Pops” (pages 28-29) to Or mail it to “Creative Kids,” Humpty Dumpty Magazine, P.O. Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206. Include your child’s name, age, and address.

Submissions become the property of U.S. Kids.



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