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Jack and Jill Guide

May/June 2013 Parents & Teachers Guide

Based on Common Core standards

If you are looking for opportunities to supplement your classroom curriculum or help your children learn, let Jack and Jill magazine (for ages 7-12) be your guide!

Curriculum Booster: Our Interactive Magazine!

Informational Text: “Cover Contest Winners” (pages 6-9) introduces readers to the winners of Jack and Jill’s annual cover contest. Show your kids how they can interact with our magazine by having their art considered for the cover! This year’s first-place winner has submitted many times. He even won third place a few years ago! He continued drawing and submitting, and now his art is on the cover! Jack and Jill and our sister publications, Humpty Dumpty and Turtle Magazine for Preschoolers, are some of the only magazines that feature reader-submitted art on the covers. Get your kids started by going here for more information!

Informational Text: “Readers Report: Our Day as Cartoonists” (pages 28-29) is a fun article submitted by two of our readers about their day spent at Jim Davis’ studio, home of Garfield! This is just another example of ways readers can participate in Jack and Jill magazine. If your kids would rather write than draw, then have them submit an article about something interesting that is going on in their part of the world. Email their “Readers Report” to, and their submissions will be considered for future publication!

Pen in Hand: “Multicultural Day” (page 34) is a fun fictional story submitted by an 11-year-old reader from Texas. Pen in Hand is a regular feature in Jack and Jill and highlights a budding author or poet. If your kids have a great story to tell or poems in their hearts, then encourage them to submit to Jack and Jill’s Pen in Hand at

Giggles and Snickers: (page 16) is a page filled with jokes and riddles that are all submitted by kids! This is just one more way your kids can interact with Jack and Jill magazine. Send your budding comedians’ jokes to


Health & Fitness:

Regular Feature: “H2T: Healthy Living from Head to Toe” (pages 32-33) provides kids with fascinating, bite-sized facts about edible insects and the history of cartwheels. Don’t miss Kids Helping Kids—the feature offers an opportunity for Jack and Jill readers to help others overcome issues such as dealing with peer pressure.

Recipe: “Favolosa! Salad on a Stick?!” (page 20) is a healthy recipe that is easy for kids to create themselves. Reading and following instructions is great for developing science and math skills!


Creative & Critical Thinking:

Hidden Image Challenge: “Buggy Boogie” (page 2) will test your kids’ observation skills by having them find the six bugs hidden in a pile of party decorations.

Puzzle Pages: “Under the Sea” (pages 10-11) is an ocean of fun in which kids can enjoy an octopus word challenge, a body of water word search, and a name-that-shark game.

Infographic: “Woof Vs. Meow” (pages 18-19) is the biggest pet debate! In this two-page spread, which also makes a great poster, kids can explore facts about cats and dogs. Discuss with your kids which pet they prefer. What about the other popular pets from around the world? Would they like to have one of them? Then have a discussion about what is involved with pet care and what it means to be responsible for an animal.

Word Scramble: “Cleo’s Secret Blog” (page 25) is a regular feature that appears in nearly every issue of Jack and Jill. The one-page activity is a great spelling and strategy test. Kids have to take a word that is spelled correctly but is still the wrong word for the sentence and rearrange the letters to get the correct word.

Matching: “Parental Look-Alikes” (pages 26) is a fun matching game that includes photos of real readers and their parents. Readers have to find facial clues to match the kids with their parents.

Art Lesson: “Let’s Learn to Draw a Butterfly” (page 27) is a new feature in Jack and Jill that provides kids with step-by-step art instructions and a space for them to create their own version.

Quiz: “Space Fleet is Calling!” (page 31) is a fun science fiction quiz that encourages your kids to dream about the potential of the final frontier. All of our quizzes are designed to encourage math skills and build confidence.



Animal Facts: “Meet the Crested Auklet” (page 35) and learn how the little grey and orange bird keeps bugs away by emitting a tangerine smell. Nice! The bite-size information provided on our Animal Facts page, a regular feature, is approachable and fun for kids of all ages!


Social & Emotional Development:

Fiction: “Adele Adair and the Misty Monster” (pages 12-15) sends our favorite myth-buster on another monster chase! This time Adele, with the unwanted help of her brother Zeb, gets lost in Xanth, where she aids a centaur and makes a friend. Best-selling author Piers Anthony, the creator of the Xanth series, wrote this latest Adele adventure exclusively for Jack and Jill!

Comic: “Rockin’ Out” (pages 21-24) finds the Jack and Jill gang in the garage, forming their own band! But will Lia ruin their chance to win the Battle of the Bands? Not once her friends encourage her to come clean and confess her secret!

Poem: “Lucy Told Lily” (pages 36) is a fun poem that plays off the telephone game and shows kids that some info can get lost as news spreads from person to person! So what did Lucy tell Lily? Only Lucy knows!


Help Your Kids Contribute to Jack and Jill!

The staff at Jack and Jill wants to include as many kid-created items as possible in each issue of the magazine. There are many ways your kids can contribute:

Letters: If your kids have something to say about the magazine, they are encouraged to send letters to or Jack and Jill, PO Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206.

Stories/Poems: Each issue of Jack and Jill includes a kid-created short story or poem that is illustrated and published as the “Pen in Hand” feature. Send those submissions to or Jack and Jill, PO Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206.

Photos: Zany, surprising, goofy or beautiful photos are published on the “From Our Talented Readers” pages. Send all photos to or Jack and Jill, PO Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206.

Nonfiction Articles: If your kids want to be reporters some day, get them started now! Have them send articles about what’s happening in your neighborhood to or Jack and Jill, PO Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206.

Jokes/Riddles: If your kids have some fun jokes or tricky riddles, they can share them for publication on Jack and Jill’s “Giggles & Snickers” pages. Send jokes and riddles to or Jack and Jill, PO Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206.

Cover Art Contest: Jack and Jill supports art in schools by sponsoring an annual cover art contest. Each first-, second-, and third-place winner of our cover art contest will win up to $1,500 for his or her school’s art program. (Not to mention that the winning entry graces the cover of the magazine!) For more info, visit The theme for the next contest will be announced in the July/August issue.

Other Art Submissions: We also encourage you to submit other kid-created drawings and paintings for publication on the “Art By You” pages to or Jack and Jill, PO Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206.

Submissions become the property of U.S. Kids.


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