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Turtle Guide

May/June 2013 Parents & Teachers Guide 

Based on NAEYC standards

If you are looking for opportunities to supplement your classroom curriculum or help your children learn, let Turtle Magazine for Preschool Kids be your guide!

Curriculum Booster: On the Ranch

Comic: “A Cowboy’s Life” (pages 17-20) is a fun comic about Turtle and Rabbit’s visit to a working ranch! Poor Rabbit doesn’t want to do the work, but Turtle teaches him how to make the job go faster. In no time, they are riding just like cowboys. A regular feature, the Turtle and Rabbit comic is the perfect introduction to reading. Have your little ones follow along with the story by looking at each panel. Have them guess, based on the characters’ expressions, what is happening.

Sorting: “Pasta Roundup” (pages 30-31) is a great way to teach little ones beginning math and science skills. After coloring the pasta for the craft on page 22, encourage your kids to sort the extra pasta pieces by shape, color, and size.

Sorting: “Meet Callie the Calf” (pages 34-35) is the first in a new feature for Turtle Magazine. This two-page spread will provide bite-size information about a new animal each issue. In this issue, learn how Callie the calf behaves and what she will be like when she grows up. To learn more about the life of a dairy cow, check out our slideshow!


Health & Fitness:

Recipe: “Fruity Waffle Cones” (pages 28-29) will get you in the mood for summer. These healthy snacks made from fresh fruit and yogurt are portable and perfect for the park.

Regular Feature: “The Grown-Up Zone” (pages 32-33) offers tips for parents and teachers, including imaginative ideas for backyard camping and boredom busters for travelling.


Creative & Critical Thinking:

Picture Pranks: “Pet Store” (page 2) puts your kids’ observation skills to the test. Have them find at least 10 silly things in the picture.

Time to Count: “Bug Hunt ” (pages 4-5) is a colorful, two-page activity that encourages counting skills. Have your kids count the silly bugs and write the numbers in the boxes.

Rhyming: “Find the Rhyme” (page 9) will encourage your preschoolers to find the rhyme in each line of this fun activity. Remember, parents, rhymers are readers!

Hidden Picture: “The Noisy Garden” (pages 10-11) is a sweet poem about growing a garden. After reading it to your little ones, encourage them to find the hidden items.

Sequencing: “Buzzy Bother!” (page 16) is a great sequencing activity that encourages pre-reading, pre-writing, and strategy skills, all in one fun page!

Rhyming: “Let’s Learn to Draw a Bird” (page 21) is a new feature in Turtle that provides kids with step-by-step art instructions and a space for them to create their own version.

Family Craft Night: “Pasta Necklace” (pages 22-23) is a fun craft that encourages fine motor skills. It also makes a great gift for Mom!


Social & Emotional:

Poem: “The Hat Game” (page 36) is a sweet poem about the joy of playing dress-up. Read it to your little ones and have them count all the hats.

Fiction: “Pinky and the Bees” (pages 12-15) is a story about Pinky the pig, a serial favorite! In this issue, Pinky is given a gift from her uncle’s bees. When she tries to return the favor by giving the bees some flowers, Pinky gets herself into a little trouble. But don’t worry; it’s nothing Mama can’t fix.


Help Your Kids Contribute to Turtle!

The staff at Turtle Magazine for Preschool Kids wants to include as many kid-created items as possible in each issue of the magazine. Encourage your kids or students to contribute to:

Turtle’s Pet Show: This regular feature (pages 14-15) is filled with fun, silly, and cute pet photos. Email yours to or send them to Turtle Magazine for Preschool Kids, PO Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206. Include your child’s name, age, and address, and the pet’s name.

Turtle Cover Contest: Our annual cover art contest (pages 26-27) supports art in schools. Each first-, second-, and third-place winner will win cool prizes and up to $1,500 for his or her school’s art program. For more information about our upcoming contest and to learn how to enter, visit our art contest page.

I Made This!: Pages 22-23 are filled with photos of our readers with their finished crafts. Email a photo of your little ones with their Turtle crafts to or send it to “I Made This!” Turtle Magazine, P.O. Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206. Include your child’s name, age, and address.

Submissions become the property of U.S. Kids.


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